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Кэшбэк на Cars24 [CPA] IN – возврат денег за покупки

Company details: Cars24 is an online platform with ambitions to change the way people sell used cars. Customer can get FREE instant online valuation in 10 seconds,FREE inspection at the centre within 30 minutes. Listing online leads to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling etc.CARS24.com makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience. If you’re thinking about selling your used car, but don’t want the hassle that comes along with it.

Campaign’s description: This is a CPI (Cost per inspection) campaign in which the validations will be done on only in inspections as per client's report, no payout will be released on the appointments made. Inspection here refer to is that when user will go to Cars24 service centre to get their car inspected for selling.

Objective: To drive cars inspection.

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