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Pluralsight is a leading web-based solution that offers tech and creative training for professional individuals. The platform offers a vast selection of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals via its website.

Pluralsight offers users a number of options for searching their course catalog. The solution has a number of basic courses to help novices learn fast from scratch, as well as advanced topics for IT professionals and developers on the job. On top of already having a huge library of courses, Pluralsight subscribers are given access to the complete catalog of courses at Digital Tutors, a site strictly intended for design software, and creative professionals.

Pluralsight is an online training provider that gives users access to comprehensive and cost effective selection high quality learning materials and training courses for a monthly fee without requiring them get into any to long-term contracts. For businesses, the system is a platform that can provide your team with expert-authored, on-demand video training and powerful learning tools to keep their skills sharp and updated without spending too much and compromising business operations. For experts, Pluralsight lets them join their author network and share their expertise and knowledge with learners worldwide.

Overview of Pluralsight Features

  • 4,500+ courses
  • New courses added daily
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Learning paths
  • Course discussion forums
  • Mobile and offline viewing
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Course Learning Checks
  • Course completion certificates
  • Dedicated group portal
  • Reports & analytics
  • Easy member registration
  • License management
  • Team organization tools
  • Single sign-on (based on size)

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