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Otorcom is an online market place for genuine perfume brands in the Middle East. We provide unique user experience for online perfumes shoppers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision is to be the leading beauty and cosmetics resellers in the region by delivering realistic user experience and high-quality world brands for online shoppers on the best flexible terms.

Our most important values are Credibility, Expertise and Responsiveness.

Online shoppers can find a wide range of the best-quality products by reasonable prices, as well as:

- 24/7 customer service,

- Up-to-date list of goods,

- Steadily new coupons and promocodes,

- Regular sales and discounts,

- Free, fast and convenient delivery.

Publishers are welcome to our affiliate program with decent and stable reward for the best performance and eagerness to work with the leaders of the market. 

Here is the short list of advantages for publishers:

- Free to join,

- 30-day cookie lifetime,

- Commission on all approved sales,

- Competitions and giveaways,

- Regular mailing about new product arrivals, boutiques, current features and offers.

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